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This page is the result of a partnership between Community Information and Referral Services and a statewide collaboration of a broad based coalition of stakeholders who were brought together by Arizona Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee's (LECC) Reentry Initiative sponsored by the United States Attorney's Office in Arizona and the United States Department of Justice.

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Community Information and Referral Services strives for balance in the information we present and includes organizations that represent all sides of issues where such organizations are available. Inclusion does not imply endorsement nor does exclusion imply disapproval.

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Programs for Individuals Releasing from Custody


Counseling Programs

Residential Programs and Assistance

Employment Programs and Assistance

Programs that provide comprehensive support services for ex-offenders who need assistance preparing for, finding, and retaining paid employment.

Support Groups for those with a Criminal Record

Mutual support groups for people who have been incarcerated in a correctional facility and are seeking support for their return to the community and their ability to remain crime free.

Support Groups for Families

Mutual support groups loved ones of people serving a sentence in a correctional facility for a criminal offense.

Other Vital Services

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Adoption & Foster Care Adoption & Foster Care
Arizona Government & More Arizona Government & More
Arts & Culture Arts & Culture
Caregiver Services Caregiver Services
Clothing Clothing
Consumer & Financial Services Consumer & Financial Services
Disability Related Services Disability Related Services
Domestic Violence Services Domestic Violence Services
Education Education
Employment Services Employment Services
Family Services Family Services
Financial Assistance Financial Assistance
Food/Meals Food/Meals
Give Help Give Help
Health & Dental Care Health & Dental Care
Housing & Home Services Housing & Home Services
Legal Assistance Legal Assistance
Mental Health/Counseling Mental Health/Counseling
Military & Veteran Services Military & Veteran Services
Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation
Pets & Animal Services Pets & Animal Services
Reentry Resources Reentry Resources
Refugee Services Refugee Services
Senior Services Senior Services
Substance Abuse Substance Abuse
Support Group Topics Support Group Topics
Transportation Transportation
Tribal Services Tribal Services
Utility Assistance Utility Assistance
Youth Services Youth Services


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The National Reentry Resource Center


Arizona Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC)

The Arizona Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee's (LECC) Reentry Initiative is a community-based, stakeholder-led initiative in Arizona to promote successful reintgration of men and women releasing from custody in order to reduce the harm crime has on our community by reducing the likelihood these individuals will commit new crimes.

What began as a roundtable dialogue with the United States Attorney's 2008 Arizona Weed & Seed Conference evolved quickly into a coalition of more than 60 stakeholders representing law enforcements, the courts, corrections, public defenders, probation, housing providers, substance abuse and health care providers, educators, nonprofits, the faith-based community, and other concerned citizens. In April 2010, the LECC published a report with reccommendations and findings. To read it, click here.


The Arizona Reentry Initiative brings together a broad coalition of stakeholders in order to promote the successful reintegration of individuals releasing from custody, to reduce crime and recidivism, to increase the safety of the communities, and to ensure the rights and safety of victims of crime.

Goals and Objectives

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